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Dementia Care

The team at Fairways are dedicated to providing specialist Dementia care for our residents. We have implemented a number of care & support plans and activities to ensure our residents with dementia receive the care, support and attention they need.

Did you know colour can be used to help people with dementia identify key features and distinguish between rooms? This is why at Fairways our bathroom doors are painted bright yellow to help our residents identify the bathroom against other doors in the home.

Living with dementia can have a big emotional, social, psychological and practical impact on a person. There are many other factors, aside from the symptoms of dementia, that play a huge role in shaping someone's experience and their feelings. These include their relationships, their environment and also the support they receive. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring our residents receive the support they need.

In our lounge, we also have a reminiscence corner and rummage boxes. Those with Dementia like to keep their hands busy so we provide tactile items to help them feel connected with the sense of touch.



Dementia Support

We have also introduced a ‘Forget me Not Café’ offering support for carers and their loved ones with Dementia. You are more than welcome to join us on the last Wednesday of the month from 2:30-4:30pm for a coffee & a chat.


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