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How baking helps our care residents

Baking is an activity we often undertake with our residents here at Fairways, and It’s not just fun; there is growing support to suggest that baking has other benefits for mental health, such as alleviating stress, anxiety and depression, making it the perfect activity for those with dementia and other care residents.


Preserves feeling of independence


Many elderly people suffer with feelings of inadequacy and lack of independence because they feel that they can no longer do everything that they used to. Baking is an excellent way of giving care residents their independence back, allowing them to create something for themselves and bringing joy to others with the results. This improves self-confidence and gives care residents a sense of purpose.


Baking is stimulating


Baking is an experience which stimulates all the senses and can inspire the recollection of fond memories for elderly care residents. Perhaps they remember baking with their own children or parents and these memories can be a relief from a sometimes-confusing present for those with dementia. Baking can also encourage those who have lost their appetite to reclaim their interest in food and eating.


How baking helps care residents


Relieves anxiety


Repetitive actions are an excellent way of keeping stress and anxiety levels down and baking is no exception, as it is full of repetitive actions such as weighing ingredients, sifting flour, kneading and whisking. Repetitive tasks give people a greater sense of control over things they consider unpredictable. This makes baking a wonderful way of giving care residents the feeling of control back into their lives.


Good for the mind


Research has shown that cognitive stimulation is a viable way of treating those with dementia and it is recommended by a number of NHS trusts. Cognitive therapy involves undertaking certain activities that stimulate the parts of the brain used for memory, thinking, problem solving and communication. Baking is one such activity that stimulates these cognitive parts of the brain and improves memory and thinking skills in those with dementia, helping them cope with symptoms such as memory loss.


Do you want to find out more about the range of exciting and beneficial activities we undertake with our care residents? Contact us on 01202 395435.

What are the benefits of our respite care?

Caring for someone close to you that is unable to live independently is often a full-time commitment that can take its toll on the carer both emotionally and physically. We understand that it’s important for carers to take time to look after themselves and offer respite care in Bournemouth for however long you need.

What is respite care?

Our respite care service provides much needed relief for unpaid carers looking after patients who are unable to entirely look after themselves. This could be due to a disability, medical requirements, or due to symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our staff are professionally trained to deliver specialist care to meet every patient’s individual requirements.

What are the benefits of our respite care?

For the patient:

  • Allows your patient to ‘test out’ our care home for the possibility of future residential care. We treat everyone under our respite care with the same care and respect afforded to all our full-time residents
  • Provides a change of scenery and the chance for the patient to interact with other residents and carers
  • Opportunity for your patient to engage in multiple fun activities
  • Experienced and specialist medical care for your patient

For the carer:

  • Taking a break can improve your own ability to focus and provide effective care and reduces the chance of neglect, no matter how unintentional 
  • Allows you to test out our residential care facilities for the possibility of full-time care with us at Fairways.
  • Remain safe in the knowledge that your relative or close friend is receiving only the best care
  • Allows the carer to take time to put their own affairs in order or look after their own health
  • Provides a much-needed break for full-time unpaid carers for as long they you need it

Are you interested in making use our excellent respite care in Bournemouth? Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss you and your patient's requirements on 01202 395435.

Leafy greens could curb symptoms of dementia

New research published online by the journal Neurology, has linked a daily serving of lettuce or spinach to slowing brain aging by the equivalent of 11 years.

The study, conducted on 960 people with an average age of 81 who did not have dementia, were followed for an average of 4.7 years. They were asked to answer surveys on how many servings of leafy greens they ate per day and divided into groups based on the amount, with 1.3 servings being the highest and 0.1 the lowest.

The results, conducted over 10 years of follow-up, presented that the difference between the two groups was that those who ate greens regularly declined slower on tests in memory and thinking skills compared with those who rarely ate them. As such, it was concluded by the team of American researchers that regularly eating leafy greens helps to reduce the likelihood of symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers in the UK studying Alzheimer’s and dementia have since welcomed the study. Head of research as Alzheimer’s Society, Dr James Pickett, stated: “This study found eating food rich in vitamin K – like spinach, kale, asparagus and everyone’s favourite, Brussels Sprouts – appears to slow cognitive decline as people age… older people who ate one or two servings of vitamin K rich food per day performed better on memory tests than those who didn’t.”

The study team says that the results remain accurate after accounting for outside factors, such as smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and physical activity. Why not reform your diet to incorporate more leafy greens this New Year? Whether or not leafy greens provide a preventative measure for dementia remains to be seen, however, results prove the importance of a balanced and healthy diet for the health of your brain as well as your body.

We understand the importance of a well-balanced diet and provide a variety of healthy meals for our residents to suit all tastes and dietary requirements! To find out more about the dining experience at Fairways and our care, contact us on 01202 395435.

Christmas at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth

We had a fantastic time this Christmas at Fairways! It's important to us that our residents have a lovely time over the festive period just as they would at home. We arranged lots of activities including our Christmas crafts session and Christmas Fair as well as decorating the home, helping everyone to rekindle the Christmas spirit.



On Christmas Day those residents who wished to took part in a Service in the lounge.



Each resident also received a gift from the home which was individual to them, it was lovely to see so many smiley faces!



We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner and everyone had a place setting on our festively decorated tables.

Christmas can be a challenging time of year for those living in a care home. Good planning, lots of fun activities and going that extra mile can ensure that residents enjoy a lovely atmosphere surrounded by staff, family and friends who care about them.


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Christmas Fair & Jumper Day

On Friday 15th we enjoyed our Christmas Fair at Fairways as well as celebrating Christmas Jumper Day! Both staff and residents took part in dressing up in their most festive numbers.

We had many visitors throughout the day and the residents enjoyed seeing everybody, especially the children.


There were arts & crafts and yummy treats as well as mince pies and traditional mulled wine.


In the morning we had the wonderful Alex come in to sing and play the piano for the residents, Beryl enjoyed a dance with Lizzie from the activities team


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Going outdoors linked to lower risks for elderly

According to research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, senior citizens restricted to their home, usually due to physical difficulties, are more likely to suffer from depression and quicker physical deterioration compared to those who ventured outside once a day.

The research, undertaken on a group of 3,375 70-90-year olds, discovered that those who left the house once a day or more, even when they were physically incapable of much movement, was linked with a lower risk of death and development of mental illness when compared with those who rarely left their home. This remained true, even when other factors such as social class and other medical conditions were considered.

Past research has determined that outdoorsy people who spend a lot of time amongst nature, in general have lower stress levels and better mental health. Though the research doesn’t confirm the reasons for added longevity in elderly people, according to researcher Dr Jeremy Jacobs, the outdoors represents the opportunity for them to “remain engaged, irrespective of their physical limitations”.

Whilst the best option might seem to keep your elderly relatives or friends cooped up at home to avoid the chill outside, maybe you should reconsider this winter. In 2012, 5% of people over 75 confessed that they were too scared of injury to leave their home unaccompanied, which means that at least that many elderly people are missing out on an opportunity to enrich their day to day life and give themselves significant health benefits.

Spare a thought for you elderly relatives or friends this holiday season and help and encourage them to go out in the fresh air – it could really enrich their life, both physically and mentally!

We offer those in our care with opportunities to engage in outdoor activities, like our gardening trip earlier this year! To find out more about our range of activities and our care, contact us at 01202 395435.

Our Remembrance Poem

The residents at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth have worked hard over the past week to put together a beautiful poem for Remembrance Day.


When I think of Remembrance Day
I see a poppy bright and red
I think of all the soldiers
The living and the dead


My dad was a soldier
And was injured in the war
He was a hero to me then
And will be for ever more


I think of him on Remembrance Day
As I do throughout the year
My son goes to the cenotaph
And always sheds a tear


Remembrance Day means a lot to me
My father and my grandfather too
They fought for our country
Gave us freedom me and you


I always cry on Remembrance Day
When I think of those who fell
My parents met in Austria
And their story they would tell


The soldiers were courageous
Full of hope and very brave
They must have been so very sad
For the friends they could not save


All the guns fell silent
On the eleventh month and hour
At last the war was over
And will be signified by a flower


The poppy helps us to remember
Those who died to make us free
And will never be forgotten
By the likes of you and me



What do you think of our Remembrance poem? Be sure to like and share our Facebook post here!


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

The importance of caring for the carer

Caring for a family member with dementia or other serious illness can be a stressful full-time commitment for the family member providing care.

A survey conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society last year found that 9 in 10 carers experienced feelings of stress and anxiety frequently, whilst 80% said they felt uncomfortable talking about the emotions they felt whilst caring for someone with dementia. Caring for a family member with dementia can take a heavy toll on a carer’s mental and physical wellbeing; constantly putting the needs of someone else before yours can lead to a deterioration in both physical and mental health. It is therefore essential that carers receive the necessary support they need in order to continue the fantastic work they do every day in caring for dementia patients.

Looking after yourself is the best way to look after your loved one

60% of those surveyed by the Alzheimer’s Society confessed that they felt guilty when reaching out for support, as they saw it as putting their needs first and 3 in 5 suffer from long term health problems as a result according to the most recent GP patient survey.  It is essential that carers realise that their health is just as important as the one they are looking after. If you are the sole carer, your deterioration will have negative repercussions for your ability to provide the best care you can.

It is estimated that roughly 1 in 10 people across the UK are providing unpaid care to either a friend or family member, and the continuing trend of longer life expectancies and an aging population means that this is predicted to increase. Their tireless contributions saved the economy £132 billion this year – this is practically the same as the entire NHS budget!

According to Carers UK 2017 report, 42% of carers identified regular breaks as the most popular and effective way of improving their overall health. Here at Fairways, we provide respite and day care for any length of time required, providing brilliant carers with the time off they deserve.

Halloween Party Fun at Fairways!

On Tuesday residents, staff, family and friends enjoyed a Halloween Spooktacular here at Fairways!

We had a fantastic turn out and everyone had a wonderful afternoon. The children were even able to go Trick or Treating at some of the residents' doors and collected lots of sweet treats.


There were lots of games to play including Apple Bobbing of which Max was the clear winner!

We had a huge selection of Halloween treats including cakes, sweets and crisps provided by staff and guests for all to enjoy. Some of the team joined in and even dressed up for the occasion!



Residents, family and friends of all ages decorated pumpkins and played spooky skittles!

We all had a great time and we can't wait for the next celebration!


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Study finds that Music and Dancing are Beneficial to Dementia Patients


A recent report has called for an increase in the use of music, dance and drama in the care of dementia sufferers after a study found them to be beneficial. 

The study, funded by the Beth Johnson Foundation, found that drama, music and dance activities helped to stimulate memories as well as engaging more underused areas of the brain. The research was carried out in 17 care homes around Surrey with 200 residents taking part in the study. 

Dementia Patients Benefit from Drama, Music, and Dance

Entitled ‘Experience of Being’ the report investigated the effects of providing dementia sufferers with creative activities that included drama, music and dancing over a six month period. 

The research was conducted in care homes run by Anchor, a not-for-profit care provider in the area. Residential care homes that took part have gone on to include similar activities to their full-time programs following the study’s positive results.

Results from the study also showed that dementia sufferers taking part experienced a positive improvement in their mental wellbeing, including an ability to remember events from their musical activities. 

Additionally, the residents also benefitted from an improvement in their cognitive ability, which led to increased confidence and self-esteem. Music, dance and drama workshops were also found to help residents recollect the past easier and all three were proven to have a soothing and calming effect on patients.

Ultimately, the workshops were found to stimulate dementia patients through engaging parts of their brains that were still active and, as such, the positive results call for their use in more care homes across the UK.

While physical and mental activities have long been believed to help slow the decline of our bodies and minds, it is promising to see these ideas being actively researched and proven. The hope is that many more care homes will implement these kinds of recommendations with regards to programs and activities for residents with dementia.

Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Support from local businesses

Our aim at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth is to provide a caring and stimulating environment for all of our residents. To enable us to do this we need a variety of resources and they aren't always easy to obtain.

We have a fantastic relationship with local undertakers Deric Scott who very kindly supply us with flowers free of charge. They are donated by their florist once a month and this wonderful delivery enables our residents to participate in some flower arranging.


They also have a beautiful community vegetable garden where some of our residents were lucky enough to plant some seeds earlier in the year.


Read our news post here!



As you can see from the pictures, the vegetables did extremely well and the produce has very kindly been given to a local soup kitchen. We are very much looking forward to growing more next year!



The team are so generous and also give up their precious time to pop into Fairways and do a spot of gardening with us.

It is support like this from local businesses which enable us to enrich our residents lives. Would you like to become a part of our community and help our residents? Please get in touch!


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Tackling loneliness in old age

Loneliness remains a huge problem within the UK with 1.2 million elderly people estimated to be ‘chronically lonely’. This is a problem that has been tackled with the launch of Silver Line, a dedicated helpline for old people who are experiencing loneliness. Callers can ring up as and when they want to speak to someone and there is also the Silver Line Telephone Friends service where elderly callers can enjoy a regular telephone call with one of the organisations volunteers.

The Girlguiding members in Manchester are looking to make a difference and have launched their new Girlguiding members badge scheme to tackle the problem with loneliness in the elderly. They will visit the homes and care homes of elderly people where they will put on craft sessions and plays, will chat to the senior citizens and in turn will earn the new specially-designed Girlguiding members badge.

This pioneering scheme was initially launched as a tiny project in Manchester where Brownies and Rainbows hosted unique events for old people which included putting on a play and storytelling and craft sessions. The trial has proved to be so successful, it is being rolled out to the entire city where there are 5000 Guides, Brownies and Rainbows. The long-term objective is to roll this out nationally to help reduce loneliness in the elderly UK wide.

It was launched as part of a drive by council and health workers to improve wellbeing for children whilst tackling loneliness in old people. This was particularly influenced by the need to emphasise the importance of communities and communication, especially after the aftermath of the Manchester bombing.

A recent survey carried out by the Jo Cox Commission reported that almost three-quarters of older people in the UK have felt lonely and more than half of those who have experienced loneliness have not told anyone how they feel.

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic amongst our senior citizens and it is vital that we tackle this now. We can all make an effort to chat to the elderly members of our community – whether this is simply chatting to them in the post office queue, inviting them around for tea or even offering to sit with them in their home.

Even volunteering your time once a week at Silver Line where you can have a chat with someone who wouldn’t normally speak to anyone, will mean so much to the person receiving the phone call. 

Image Credit: Girlguiding North West England

Wide range of activities at Fairways

Activities are a very important part of daily life at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth. Our staff arrange a wide range of activities to ensure our residents live a happy and healthy life at our home.

We aim to include a variety of hobbies, exercise and entertainment in our weekly programme giving all residents the opportunity to participate in something they enjoy.


Example Activities Programme


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Armchair Exercises Therapy Ball Armchair Exercises Therapy Ball Armchair Exercises Reminiscence Activity Getting to know you Ball
Cookery Class Flower Arranging Memory Cabinets Arts & Crafts Smoothie Making Alphabet Mat Quiz
Singer Mike Sidaway Cinema Afternoon Gardening Activity Tickled Pink Productions Games & Puzzles Bingo Play your cards right


Getting older is not a condition or a disease and it doesn't mean you lose the ability to make choices about your life or learn new skills. Moving into a care home is a major event and we all share the same desire to live in a comfortable and safe environment.

To be emotionally and physically well we need to actively participate in daily life. This is not an added bonus of good care and support but an essential requirement. When a person is left sitting or laying for most of the day with little movement or stimulation a number of detrimental physical and psychological changes can occur.

At Fairways Care Home Bournemouth we encourage all of our residents to take part in as many activities as possible!


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

How to choose a care home

There are many factors to consider when choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one. We outline what key considerations that you need to consider when deciding what care home to go for.

Firstly, you need to ascertain if you or the person on behalf you are looking for are eligible for funding towards costs. Your local council authority will decide on this, you are entitled to request an assessment for your claim and only those who have assets that are below the threshold of £23,250 will be given any help. 

If you do receive funding, you may find that you may have to pay a top-up fee to get the care home of your choice, as sometimes there is a disparity between what the council will contribute and the cost of the care home of your choice.  

According to Bournemouth council, the average cost for a care home place is £511 per week (but this can vary depending on care levels and the type of home) this is slightly under the national average cost of a self-funded care home place of £618.

What you pay will be dictating by how much care that you or your loved one needs. When you moved into a care home, there are two definitive options to consider – a nursing home or a residential care home. 

There is currently a difference of around 20,000 between the two, with 240,000 residential care home places versus 220,000 nursing home beds. Typically, if you or your loved one has a medical condition that requires a lot of care, such as dementia, then a nursing home may be best for you and you may be entitled to receive funding towards the costs.
If you do not have any medical conditions, you may want to consider a residential care home, there will be no medical staff in place, but your GP, along with community nurses can provide medical support as and when required.

When selecting a care home, we would recommend that you look at inspection reports, which are produced by the Care Quality Commission. These reports provide an overall rating and individual grades for key criteria such as care, responsiveness, effectiveness, leadership and safety.

Always pay a visit to the care home that you are considering and where possible, make multiple visits at various times of the day. A diligent care home will encourage you to make these visits and to ask lots of questions.

The charity Age UK has outlined some suggested questions to ask the management of the care home which includes:

  • What kind of care do you provide?
  • Can residents choose their daily routine?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?
  • What is the annual turnover of staff?
  • What is included in the fees?
  • What meals are provided?
  • When and how long are visiting hours?
  • Can dietary requirements be met?
  • Is it possible to undertake a trial period?

At Fairways, we understand the importance of choosing a care home for a loved one of for yourself and that you will have lots of questions that need answering. We welcome this and encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. We want to ensure that you have all the information required at your fingertips, so that you can make the right decision for you or on behalf of a loved one.

Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please contact us or call us on 01202 395435.

Reference: BBC

Friday Fun Day at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth

Residents, staff and guests had a fantastic afternoon of fun and games at our Friday Fun Day last week! We were overwhlemed with the support we received and so pleased to have raised £203 for our residents' activities fund.

We had delicious cakes for sale and an arty craft stall, as well as a raffle and games such as hook-a-duck, skittles and guess the name.


In the spirit of raising as much money as we could for our residents, our Deputy Manager Tom agreed to have wet sponges thrown at him for just £1 a go!


We were also very lucky to have had a special furry visitor from Caring for Canines, a firm favourite with our residents and guests.

Overall we had a brilliant afternoon and were glad to have raised money for activities fund - watch this space!


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Identifying staff using bright colours

At Fairways Care Home Bournemouth we strive to ensure our residents are as comfortable as possible with their care, as well as being able to recognise a member of staff if they require any help or assistance.

To enable our residents to identify the different teams at the home we have colour coded their uniforms:

  • Carers wear Orange
  • Activities Team wear Yellow
  • Domestic Staff wear Blue
  • Kitchen Staff wear Black & White



We chose these bright and recognisable colours so it is easier for all our residents, especially those with dementia, to identify a member of staff and know which team they work in.


Find out more about Our Staff here


Fairways Care Home Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Care homes may face 'huge shortfall' in available beds

It has been reported that up to 3000 senior citizens may not be able to get beds in UK care homes by the end of 2018. The research which was commissioned by BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme has indicated that it forecasts that there could be a significant shortfall in the number of beds available.

An increasing demand for beds in UK Care Homes has led to one in twenty care home beds being closed and the BBC Radio 4 research suggests that the deficit is not being addressed. Rising demands from a maturing population could see the increase from 3000 to 70,000 bed deficits within the next nine years. 

Local authorities in England have been given an extra £2bn to help fund social care according to The Department of Health.

Research from property consultants JLL have found that an average of 7000 new care home beds have opened in the UK every year since 2002. However, it also indicated that there would be an additional requirement of 14,000 individuals requiring beds in residential care home places per year.

James Kingdom, research lead said that “There are more people living longer, we’re currently building half the number of care home beds every year that we need. We know that over the course of the next decade there is going to be 2.5 million more over-65s, and as a result that means there is going to be demand for care home beds.”

Care industry experts have expressed concerns as bed capacity decreases and demand increases, that there will be more pressure on NHS beds as elderly people are admitted to hospital because they can't cope at home. The Department of Health have said high quality care was not just about providing care home beds. 

At Fairways, we couldn’t even agree more and pride ourselves on treating every resident as an individual and not just a number. We would be very happy to discuss any requirements that you may have, whether this is for you or for a loved one. Why not contact us on 01202 395435 for an informal chat?

Cooking at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth

Every week all of the residents at Fairways Care Home Bournemouth get the opportunity to take part in a cooking session!

From cupcakes to pizzas, our cooking sessions are scheduled in regularly amongst a range of other activities, helping our residents to live a fulfilled life and still enjoy the pleasures they would've whilst at home.

There are many benefits from these sessions including improving social interaction between our residents and also boosting their self-esteem.




Did you know food and happiness are very closely connected?

It’s not just about indulging in the wonderful food or baked goods that can make you feel better, it’s the process itself that improves wellbeing.

As Mary Berry once said: “If you’re feeling a little bit down, a bit of kneading helps.”  So we always encourage our residents to get stuck in, knead the dough or mix the ingredients - they always thank us for it afterwards!

As well as creating some delicious food, our cooking sessions provide many therapeutic benefits - especially for those residents living with dementia as it's very hands on.


Read more about our activities here


Fairways Care Home in Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Join us for our Forget me Not Cafe

On Wednesday 26th July we are hosting our second Forget me Not Cafe at Fairways!

Join us from 2:30-4:30pm for a coffee, a chat and a wealth of Dementia support in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

As the Alzheimer's Society says:

Caring for a person with dementia can be rewarding, but it is also very challenging. You may not have the time to do all the things you need to do, and you may experience a range of difficult emotions. The needs of the person you care for will often come before your own, and this can mean that you don’t look after yourself properly.

Our Cafe is open to anyone caring for a loved one with Dementia, it gives you the opportunity to talk to others, share your story and also provide support for others as well.

If you'd like to find out more please pop us a message here


Fairways Care Home in Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

Gardening with Deric Scott

Residents from Fairways Care Home Bournemouth recently enjoyed a wonderful day with Deric Scott's. The team at Deric Scott were keen to help our residents get outside, enjoy the fresh air and to have fun participating in an activity that would allow them to watch something they created flourish and grow.



They very kindly built two raised gardening beds ready for everyone to show off their green fingers and hone their gardening skills! They came to pick up our residents in style in a limo and supplied biscuits and hot refreshments before showing them how to plant runner bean seeds.



We have another trip booked in 2 weeks time to see how the plants are getting on, the residents are very much looking forward to it!


Fairways Care Home in Bournemouth provides high quality Residential and Respite Care, as well as specialist Dementia Care, for up to 70 residents. To find out more about our care please call us on 01202 395435

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