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Choosing a care home

Choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one is one of the most important decisions you will make later in life. You want to be sure that the home offers everything you or your loved one needs and is a safe, happy and comfortable place to live. Finding out as much as you can about a care home, its staff and facilities will help you make an informed decision. This is why we’ve created this handy checklist for you to take when visiting prospective care homes:

  • Is it easy to get to the home by public transport?
  • If you visit by car, is there plenty of parking?
  • Is the approach to the care home tidy and well-kept?
  • What kind of shops and amenities are there close by?
  • Were you made to feel welcome upon entering the home?
  • Are entrances and rooms in the home easily accessible?
  • Is the care home clean and well looked after?
  • Do the staff seem engaged and attentive?
  • Do the residents appear happy?
  • Do health care professionals such doctors, opticians, chiropodists and physiotherapists visit the care home?
  • Are complementary therapies available?
  • Does the care home have suitable equipment for people with mobility issues?
  • Do the staff interact well with the residents?
  • Do staff members respect the privacy and dignity of the residents in their care?
  • Is there a key worker for each resident?
  • Do staff get to know residents personally?
  • Can staff be seen around the care home?
  • Is the care home manager approachable?
  • Do residents have a variety of communal areas to choose from?
  • Is there easy access to these areas?
  • Is there an accessible and safe garden?
  • Are there lifts in the home?
  • Can residents choose where they eat, e.g. in a dining room or in their room?
  • Do residents have a choice of menu?
  • Can special dietary requirements be catered for?
  • Does the chef discuss meal choices with the residents?
  • Do residents receive assistance with eating if required?
  • Can residents make drinks for themselves and have access to snacks?
  • What is the overall impression of the bedrooms?
  • Do the bedrooms have en-suite facilities?
  • Can residents bring their own furniture and personal items?
  • Is there an emergency pull-cord available?
  • Do staff encourage residents to continue with their hobbies and interests?
  • Are there dedicated staff members for coordinating activities?
  • Do the staff organise activities outside the care home?
  • Is there access to transport for activities outside the care home?
  • Are special events, such as birthdays and religious holidays celebrated?
  • Do the staff give residents the opportunity to help with activities within the care home, e.g. gardening or cooking?
  • Do the staff arrange entertainers and groups of interest to visit?
  • Do the staff give residents regular exercise opportunities?
  • Do staff consult with residents on the types of activities planned?
  • Does the care home welcome visitors at any time?
  • Are children allowed to visit?
  • Does the care home allow family pets to visit?
  • Can visitors dine with their relative/friend?

Please feel free to print and take a copy of this care home checklist with you when visiting prospective care homes. The staff at Fairways are more than happy to answer any of your questions!

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